How to Improve Healthcare in America

People and health are inseparable. Healthcare should be affordable for all.  Every provider of health should follow the standards set for provision of healthcare.  Other stakeholders like the health insurance companies should ensure that the money due to hospitals is paid within time to enable efficient service delivery.

The government requires ensuring that all the people can afford healthcare regardless of the social-economic status.  Improving transparency could help many people access the vital information that regards healthcare.  For people to understand the healthcare system they have to be provided with information. There would be the significant improvement if people are given information. The people, employers, and health insurance companies should have access to information so that they can act accordingly.  The healthcare providers should be straightforward with everything they do to ensure that everybody is taken care of. 

Gender differences should be put into perspective by the doctors.  Male and females are not equal regarding how they react to drugs.  Men could be given a larger dose than women for the same condition.  The blood enzyme test should be different for the men and women to help determine the number of drugs a person should be given especially in the case of heart attack.  A good percentage of the heart attack on women is missed when a male blood enzyme test is used. To know more about medical doctor, visit this website at .

Encouraging the people to adopt exercises in their schedules would reduce the cases of diseases.  The importance of exercises should be emphasized by the doctors.  The people should be informed of the importance of drinking enough water daily- at least six glasses per day.  Advise from the doctors for people to eat healthy food would go a long way in keeping people out of hospitals.  People should be discouraged from eating junk food which is a source of many diseases and conditions like obesity and diabetes.

Motivating primary caregivers in the health sector would go a long way in reducing the cases of fatal diseases like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Primary healthcare facility is very vital since it helps people to avoid some of the worst habits that could contribute to deadly diseases and conditions.

If doctors could integrate and share their knowledge and expertise in treating the most notorious diseases and conditions the people could get much-needed relief from notorious diseases and conditions. The doctors clinic should integrate; they should come together and help to solve the puzzles of some of the most terminal illnesses.

If all the stakeholders of healthcare would come together and sit on the same table and discuss the most appropriate and efficient ways to go about good healthcare tidings would befall the health sector regarding an improved quality of healthcare system.